Links to Leap to!

This week we’re beginning a new series called Links to Leap to!

The basic idea is to provide recent coverage of our authors and their works while also tossing in other happenings in the literary world. Visit these links, share them with friends, and as always, support the books and authors that make up the ever-growing literary community.

Above all else, thank you for reading and keep reading!


“The real illusion, Moss reveals, is any sense of invulnerability and its accompanying belief that we can avoid the daily, terrifying task of facing our own decline.” – Martha Witt reviews N. West Moss’ The Subway Stops at Bryant Park over at

“Medhat uses pathos and humor, tragedy and comedy, to spin an entertaining and original mystery… a refreshing take on Navajo country’s crime, culture, and history.” – Publisher’s Weekly reviews Katayoun Medhat’s novel The Quality of Mercy

N. West Moss discusses the loss of her father and the inspiration for her collection with Watertown Daily Times.

Craig Thornton interviews N. West Moss for WWNYTV.

Leaping Around the Literary World

The Millions release their second-half of 2017 book preview.

NPR names their readers’ 100 favorite comics and graphic novels.

Investor urges Barnes and Noble to find buyer.