2017 Fiction Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2017 Fiction Contest. Thank you to all who have submitted. The finalist manuscripts are being critiqued by this year’s finalist judge, Jeffery Renard Allen.

Information that may be of interest:

  • 31 manuscripts have been chosen for awards out of 410 entries.
  • Entries came from 43 U.S. states and 18 other countries (10% of total entries): UK, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, South Africa, Bermuda, Monaco, Turkey, Australia, Greece, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Republic of Korea, Israel, Sweden, Thailand, and India.
  • 80% of entries were novels or novellas, 20% story collections; 20% of entries were young adult or middle grade.



Trip Wires, stories by Sandra Hunter (California)
Report from a Place of Burning, a novel by George Looney (Pennsylvania)
Burn with Me, stories by Jordan Farmer (West Virginia)
Hallet House, a young adult novel by Natalie Harnett (New York)


Demonstration of Love, stories by Mahmoud Saeed (Illinois)
Specimens, a novel by Rosanne Daryl Thomas (Massachusetts)
The Visibility of Things Long Submerged, stories by George Looney (Pennsylvania)
Stone Skimmers, stories by Jennifer Kelly (Massachusetts)
Adababa and the Third Wife, a novel by Phyllis Barber (Utah)

Honorable Mention

The World Does Not Know, a novel by Mark Fabiano (Virginia)
Highlandtown, a novel by Miah Jeffra (California)
Guardians & Saints, stories by Diane Josefowicz (Rhode Island)
Magdalena, a novel by Candi Sary (California)
The Excavations, a novel by James Whyle (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Drafts of a Suicide Note, a novel by Mandy-Suzanne Wong (Bermuda)
Come Closer, stories by Patricia Powell (California)
Wolfish, a novella by Marion Woolley (Gloucester, UK/Rwanda, Africa)
No King in Israel, a novel by Anthony Otten (Kentucky)
The Indigo, a young adult novel by Heather Siegel (New York)
Your Own Secret Fallout Shelter, stories by Rachael Swearingen (Illinois)
Wrong Kind of Paper, a novel by Cindy Simmons (Pennsylvania)
Not All Dead Together, stories by Lynn Stansbury (Washington State)
In the Amber Chamber, stories by Carrie Messenger (West Virginia)
Surrendering Appomattox, a novel by Jacob Appel (New York)
Maids and Soldiers, stories by Kathleen Ford (Virginia)
Billy Penn’s Hat, stories by Brian Patrick Heston (Pennsylvania)
Sin Easters and Other Stories by Edward Francisco (Tennessee)
Stripped, stories by Leah Griesmann (North Carolina)
What We Leave Behind Follows, stories by Christopher Shade (New York)
On a Close Reach, a novel by Donald McCullough (California)
Drunk with Fire, a novella by Daniel Turtel (New York)

Farewell & Welcome

Today we say a tearful goodbye to our long-time intern, Corinne.

Corinne started working with us two years ago during the 2015 fiction contest and stayed on as editorial assistant to the then-acquisition editor Rebecca Schwab. Together, she and Rebecca sloshed through many a submission, and after Rebecca moved on to greener pastures, Corinne took over publicity and marketing duties. Now she is enrolled at the University of Denver for their 2017 summer publishing course, where she will hopefully succeed and carry forward on to greater things. We wish her the best of luck and thank her for all of the hard work she put into Leapfrog.

In place of Corinne, we welcome Nathan Carter as a submission reviewer and blogger. Nathan has been the associate editor & typesetter for Civil Coping Mechanisms press for nearly two years. He is also the layout editor for the literary journal, Lake Effect. He has been working with us since April in helping with reviewing submissions for our fiction contest and writing some recent blogs.

We look forward to the rest of summer and moving forward here at Leapfrog in this transition. Thank you again to all who have submitted to our fiction contest. We will be posting the results soon.