New Anthology Features Vickie Weaver

Back in 2010, Vickie Weaver delighted us with Billie Girl, a darkly comic coming-of-age story set in Georgia at the turn of the twentieth century. Author Sena Jeter Naslund called it “a stellar achievement–gritty, funny, fresh, and bold,” and the Library Journal said of it, “Featuring dark humor, quirky characters, and ambitious themes, this novel has all the ingredients for cooking up a Southern gothic novel.”

Now Vickie’s short story, “Feeding the Dog,” is going to be included in Walking the Edge, an extraordinary anthology of new American gothic tales released at the beginning of this month. Dorothy Allison of Bastard out of Carolina fame, who wrote the introduction, says: “These stories will take you places you may never have imagined before, but in every case the wonder of the narratives will allow you to see over the walls of ignorance and indifference to the heart’s core. Here you will find the exceptional, a bit of the absurd, and a lot of the unique, but all in all people who are bluntly making their way in a difficult world as stubbornly as anyone you might meet in a truck stop on the highway headed south.”

For fans of the dark and funny, or just fans of a good story, Walking the Edge is a must-read – and if you haven’t already, check out Billie Girl!