Attention Writers: NaNoWriMo is coming up!

The month of October is ending, which brings our attention to National Novel Writing Month!

This website is a great way for new writers to experiment in trying out new styles or improving writing skills because of the support and tips given each week for every member who signs up (for free). All a writer needs to do is create an account and they will receive tips and hints toward better writing and avoiding writer’s block, have the opportunity to talk to other writers both online and in person, and be able to track their progress. This year, the inspirational pep talks sent to your personal NaNoWriMo inboxes will be given by published authors such as Lev Grossman, Rainbow Rowell, and James Patterson (to name a few). The site also has a page for forums where writers can post just about anything to the NaNoWriMo community, which is helpful for questions and browsing when you get stuck. The program even shows which writing events are going on in your local area.

If you’re considering writing something but are unsure of what to say, how to start, or need encouragement to keep working on your story, this is a great website to turn to for help. Also, once you’re done, you can submit your new stories to us here at Crossborder!