Changing of the Guard

We are pleased to announce that Luke Daly is joining Leapfrog as our new acquisitions editor! Rebecca Schwab-Cuthbert, our former submissions guru, will remain at Leapfrog as an editor, but she is passing the rubber stamp on to Luke.

And now, a word from our newest member:

“Hello, authors.  I am pleased to accept the position of acquisitions editor from the talented and visionary Rebecca Schwab-Cuthbert.  Outside Leapfrog Press, I teach writing at SUNY Fredonia and Daemen College, and I’ve taught literature and other courses at several local schools.  Before teaching, I earned an MFA in creative writing from Minnesota State University at Mankato.  Currently, I am in love with a short story collection titled Nominal Cases, the debut and Black Lawrence Press prize winner by author Thomas Cotsonas.  As I teach creative writing, I am afforded the rare chance (and slightly dubious position) of requiring that large numbers of students buy books that I think they should buy, and Mr. Cotsonas’s book is one such book.  I admit it is fun, to like a book and immediately tell fifty people that they must buy it.  My favorite thing about teaching writing is seeing a beginning writer’s excitement when they write something that is better than they know how to write.  It happened to me as a younger man, and when I see it happening for others, it is a gift.
“This summer, Leapfrog Press asked me to consult for the Fiction Contest as a way to get to know the press and the type of authors it draws.  If it seemed like I was on line with the masthead, then I would take the position from the departing editor.  I reviewed several hundred manuscripts and knew right away–because of the glut of lively, original prose that I found there–that I wanted the job.  I am most excited to move from the contest into open submissions, to try to find the next Samuel Ligon or N. West Moss in our incoming submissions. “


More changes are in store in Leapfrog’s acquisitions department: we are now accepting submissions through Submittable! See our page here:

Using Submittable couldn’t be easier: simply create an account, visit our page, and click “Submit” to upload your manuscript. It’s more user-friendly and more secure than email submissions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


About Leapfrog Press
Leapfrog Press was created to search out, publish, and aggressively market books that tell a strong story. Leapfrog began its life in Wellfleet, Mass., at the outer end of Cape Cod, in 1993. In 2008 we migrated to Falmouth, Mass., and in 2012 we made the move to Fredonia, N.Y., a town with a rich creative history and an equally rich present in the arts and science. Our list is eclectic and includes quality fiction, poetry, and nonfiction; books that are described by the large commercial publishers as midlist, and which we regard as the heart and soul of literature.

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